Where can I get your downloads and streams?

Downloads and streaming are available immediately, 24/7: There are a range of options available...

Getting 24/7 access
Many of our sets and albums can be downloaded directly from us - and we have memory sticks and CDs too - but if you need a specific accompaniment, you can also download it from iTunes and Amazon, or stream it live if you have internet access.
Direct downloads
We have a wide range of albums and sets of albums for direct download from our site. See the Download section of the online store for full details.
iTunes and Amazon downloads
Our tracks are available from a wide range of services - just search for John Keys and the hymn name (for example, on Spotify) - but we also have links to download either tracks or whole albums from iTunes and Amazon on this site.

For individual tracks, go to the All Tracks library page. Here you will find every track we've recorded. Find what you need and click on either the iTunes button or the Amazon link to jump straight to a page where you can download them.

If you'd prefer to download a complete album - at significant savings - there are links for each album on iTunes and Amazon the album's page (scroll down to the track list to find them). You can either navigate direct to an album by finding it under Hymn Albums, Worship Song Albums, Voluntaries or Settings in the menu at the top of the page, or from the Library page you can click the code (M1/1101 in the example below) for that track to take you to the appropriate album.
The full range of download and streaming services
Our tracks should be available on all these services, should you prefer one to iTunes, Amazon or Spotify:
  1. Apple Music
  2. 7 Digital
  3. Acer
  4. Akazoo
  5. Amazon Digital
  6. AMI Entertainment
  7. Artistxite
  8. AustriaSaturn
  9. AWA
  10. Beat.no
  11. Beatport
  12. Bleep
  13. Boomkat
  14. CCI Distribution
  15. Claro Musica
  16. CTS Eventim AG
  17. Dance All Day / DJ Shop
  18. Deezer
  19. Dial by Iam+
  20. Electric Jukebox
  21. eMusic/ A la Carte
  22. FinlandCDON
  23. Flipagram
  24. Forest Incentives
  25. GooglePlay
  26. Groove
  27. Guvera
  28. Hitparade
  29. HMV Digital
  30. HTC One
  31. iHeart Radio
  32. iTunes
  33. Juno
  34. KKBox
  35. Kobo
  36. La Musica
  37. Last FM
  38. Mach by Mariposa
  39. Media Markt
  40. Medianet (all customers)
  41. Medion
  42. MexicoMixup Digital
  43. Mi Tracks
  44. Music Box
  45. Music Qubed
  46. MusicKiosk NEC
  47. Napster
  48. Nemesys Ltd
  49. nMusic
  50. NorwayCDON
  51. Onkyo
  52. Open Live
  53. Ovemax
  54. Pandora
  55. Playster
  56. Pledge
  57. Pono
  58. QNX CAR
  59. Qobuz
  60. Raku
  61. ROK Mobile
  62. Saavn
  63. Sainsburys Digital
  64. Saturn
  65. Shazam
  66. Slacker
  67. SpainMedia Markt
  68. Spotify
  69. Starzik
  70. Station Digital
  71. SwedenCDON
  72. TDC
  73. Technics Tracks
  74. The Overflow
  75. TIDAL
  76. Tonspion
  77. Touch Tunes
  78. Trackitdown
  79. Traxsource
  80. Triplay
  81. Tunewiki
  82. UKPlay
  83. Vervelife
  84. Weltbild
  85. Yonder
  86. YouTube Red
  87. Zvooq
Do you sell words or sheet music?

We don't - and hymns usually only come in books - but there are plenty of ways of getting music and words…

Have you recorded all our hymn book?

There are hundreds of hymn books: we have one complete and many more partly covered, with a growing collection of indexes linking to our library…

Can you record my favourite hymn?

We can't guarantee to record your favourite, but we can add it to our wish list…

How did HymnCDs.com get started?

Back in 2005, organist John Keys and producer Wendy Williams were looking for way to make their CDs available…

How do I change the number of verses in a hymn?

You may always omit some verses, or your hymn book could have a different number to our recording...

How do I set up a playlist of tracks?

If you are using MP3s or downloads a playlist allows you to set up just the tracks you need for a service...

Why is there no singing on your recordings?

There are recordings available with singing on, but we don't provide them. Here's why...

Which format is best for me (and how to play it)?

We have tracks as downloads, on CDs and memory sticks - and there are range of options for playback...

Where can I get you downloads and streams?

Downloads and streaming are available immediately, 24/7: There are a range of options available...

Can I use your recordings in more than one church?

We recognise that increasingly one vicar/priest might cover multiple buildings. By default we cover four...

Can I change the speed or pitch of a recording?

It is possible to change speeds and pitch very effectively using an editor.

Can I stream services using your accompaniments?

Many churches live stream or video services - here's how to use our accompaniments legally.

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