Hymn Accompaniments on organ

Our albums of organ hymn accompaniments provide a library to suit any service.
Our new project with 47 albums of excellent hymns and worship songs from Ancient & Modern: Hymns and Songs for Refreshing Worship
Our compact, cost effective set of 138 or 186 popular traditional hymns
48 extra popular hymns to supplement the Core set
Two albums of Catholic hymns
Two albums of carol accompaniments for congregations and choirs, and two albums for Christmas from the Ultimate Collection
Three albums of communion hymns

Devotional Hymns Albums (Episcopal Hymnal 1940)

A four album set, plus a single album from the Episcopal Hymn Book 1940, especially for Episcopalians, Anglicans and some Catholic churches. Formerly known as US Anglican Set
A three album set of Easter hymn accompaniments
A collection of hymns from other albums particularly suited for funerals
Volume 16 from the Ultimate Collection includes our best collection of accompaniments for harvest hymns and songs - 9 in all - plus other hymns for dedication festivals and more.
A collection building to 155 accompaniments of children's hymns and songs played on the organ.
All the individual tracks we have available that are not on a pre-recorded CD
Four albums with alternatives to some of the UK tunes, plus favourites from the Baptist/nonconformist tradition (formerly known as Alternative Tunes albums)
Worship songs for the schools and children's services
A collection of spirituals and other uplifting hymns.
Four albums of hymn accompaniments in the Methodist tradition
An album of hymns particularly suited to remembrance and funerals, including national anthems, plus last post and reveille on trumpet
Two albums of hymn accompaniments from the Seventh Day Adventist tradition
An album of hymns and songs popular in nonconformist churches
A two album set of wedding hymns, worship songs and voluntaries, with an optional supplementary album of additional voluntaries
A two album set of 50 Welsh language hymns
Worship songs for the adult congregation
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