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Accompaniments for Mass/Communion and more

Our service settings albums feature a range of settings from different traditions, mostly for mass/communion. A lot of the settings featured are taken from the RSCM book Music for Common Worship I: Music for Sunday. You can buy a copy from the RSCM shop. There are also a few morning/evening prayer settings on the album.

You can download individual tracks or the whole album from iTunes/Amazon, or buy an audio CD.

For Anglican Chant accompaniments for matins and evensong canticles, see the Anglican Chant Canticles page.

Note that there are some metrical versions of settings as hymns, shown in our Library under the hymn name (e.g. Tell out my Soul is a metrical version of the Magnificat), and the are a few setting accompaniments on our Individual Tracks recordings, detailed at the bottom of this page.

Sample: Kyrie (John Rutter)
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Buying the CDs

The CDs can be bought online here. Alternatively, you can drop us an email at with your order requirements and we will send back an invoice with the bank details to make a bank transfer, or send a cheque for the appropriate amount made out to Creativity Unleashed Limited to Creativity Unleashed Limited, 31 Eastbury Way, Swindon SN25 2EL, or buy using a card over the phone on 0117-230-7123 (Cheques and purchases over the phone in pounds sterling drawn on UK bank accounts only).

If you have any queries about the CDs or how to buy them, please drop us an email. We send your CDs first class in the UK or airmail overseas. Email us or call on 0117-230-7123 if you need UK special delivery. All prices include post and packing.

Available to download

Any or all of the tracks for these albums can also be download from Amazon and iTunes.

(Tracks are less than 40p each if you download the whole album.) Click on the button in the list below to download a single track from that album, or the whole album.

Tracks included

Music for Common Worship 1: Music for Sunday
You can buy a copy of the music book from the RSCM shop.
  1. Kyrie 5 Ghana Amazon
  2. Kyrie 7 Amazon
  3. Kyrie 8 Glastonbury Amazon
  4. Kyrie 9 Amazon
  5. Gloria 3 Amazon
  6. Gloria 4a Peruvian Amazon
  7. Gloria 5 Elek Mathe Amazon
  8. Gloria 7 Anglican Folk Mass: traditional text Amazon
  9. Gloria 8 traditional text Amazon
  10. Gloria 9 metrical text 6565D Amazon
  11. Gospel Acclamation 7 Amazon
  12. Gospel Acclamation 8 Celtic Alleluia Amazon
  13. Gospel Acclamation 9 Amazon
  14. Gospel Acclamation 10 Amazon
  15. Nicene Creed 5 metrical text 8787D Amazon
  16. Prayer Response 7 Amazon
  17. Last Response Amazon
  18. Sanctus 2 American traditional Amazon
  19. Sanctus 4 Amazon
  20. Sanctus 5 Amazon
  21. Sanctus 6 Amazon
  22. Sanctus 7 Amazon
  23. Sanctus 9 Anglican Folk Mass: traditional text Amazon
  24. Sanctus 10 traditional text Amazon
  25. Agnus Dei 1 Eat this bread Amazon
  26. Agnus Dei 4 Amazon
  27. Agnus Dei 5 Amazon
  28. Agnus Dei 6 Elek Mathe Amazon
  29. Agnus Dei 7 For All Seasons Amazon
  30. Agnus Dei 10 Caswall Amazon
  31. Agnus Dei 12 Anglican Folk Mass: traditional text Amazon
  32. Agnus Dei 13 traditional text Amazon
  33. Agnus Dei 14 traditional text Amazon
  34. Sanctus + Benedictus Amazon
  35. Response - sung twice before the Acclamation Amazon
  36. Acclamations (Great is the Mystery) Amazon
  37. Acclamations alternative (Praise to You Lord Jesus) Amazon
  38. Response - sung once before the Conclusion Amazon
  39. Conclusion Amazon
  40. Benedicite - a Song of Creation: shorter version Amazon
  41. Benedictus - the Song of Zechariah 4a: metrical text DCM Amazon
  42. Magnificat - the Song of Mary 5a: metrical text CM Amazon
  43. Magnificat - the Song of Mary 5c: metrical text CM Amazon
  44. Nunc dimittis - the Song of Simeon 2 Amazon
  45. Nunc dimittis - the Song of Simeon 5b Amazon
  46. Te Deum laudamus 4a: metrical text 8787D Amazon

John Rutter - Series 3 Communion (Long Setting)
You can buy a copy of the sheet music here.
1. Kyrie Amazon
2. Gloria Amazon
3. Gospel version A Amazon
4. Gospel version B Amazon
5. Sursum corda Amazon
6. Sanctus p8 Amazon
7. Sanctus + Benedictus p8 + 10 Amazon
8. Responses version A p9 Amazon
9. Responses version B p9 Amazon
10. Benedictus p10 Amazon
11. Agnus Dei p10-11 Amazon
12. Dismissal with introductory note Amazon
13. Dismissal without introductory note Amazon

Catholic Hymn Book - Mass XVIII, page 508 (Short Setting)
You can buy a copy of the hymn book here
1. Kyrie Amazon
2. Kyrie at masses of the dead Amazon
3. Gloria Amazon
4. Sanctus + Benedictus Amazon
5. Agnus Dei Amazon

Catholic Hymn Book - Ordinary Mass
1. Credo III Amazon

Catholic Hymn Book - Mass VIII, page 494 (Short Setting)
1. Kyrie
2. Gloria
3. Sanctus + Benedictus
4. Agnus Dei

Marbecke, adapted for Common Worship Words
You can buy a copy of the music here
1. Kyrie Eleison (2)
2. Gloria in Excelsis Deo (3)
3. Gospel Response 1 (5)
4. Gospel Response 2 (5)
5. The Creed (6)
6. Sursum Corda (11) The Lord be with you.. And also with you
7. Sursum Corda (11) The Lord is here... His Spirit is with us ... Lift up your Hearts
8. Sursum Corda (11) We lift them to the Lord ... Let us give thanks to the Lord our God
9. Sursum Corda (11) It is right to give Thanks and Praise
10. Sanctus and Benedictus (11-12)
11. Mysteries of Faith 1 Great is the Mystery of Faith (12)
12. Mysteries of Faith 2 Praise to You Lord Jesus (12)
13. Mysteries of Faith 3 Christ is the Bread of Life (13)
14. Mysteries of Faith 4 Jesus Christ is Lord (13)
15. Lord's Prayer 1 (14)
16. Lord's Prayer 2 (15)
17. Agnus Dei 1 (17)
18. Agnus Dei 2 (17)
19. Prayer of Thanksgiving - Responses Prayer A (18)
20. Prayer of Thanksgiving - Responses Prayer D (18)
21. Prayer of Thanksgiving - Responses Prayer F1 Amen. Lord, we believe (19)
22. Prayer of Thanksgiving - Responses Prayer F2 (19) Amen. Come, Lord Jesus
23. Prayer of Thanksgiving - Responses Prayer F3 (18) Amen. Come, Holy Spirit
24. At the conclusion of each prayer (20)
25. Dismissal - Ferial use (20)
26. Dismissal - Easter to Pentecost

Mass of St Thomas - David Thorne (long setting)
1. Kyrie
2. Gloria
3. Gospel Acclamation 1
4. Gospel Acclamation 2
5. Sanctus & Benedictus
6. Acclamation
7. Final Acclamation
8. Agnus Dei

Merbecke - Traditional setting (long setting)
1. Kyrie
2. Gospel Responses 1
3. Gospel Responses 2
4. Creed
5. Sanctus & Benedictus
6. Lord’s Prayer
7. Agnus Dei
8. Gloria

Martin Shaw - Anglican Folk Mass (long setting)
1. 3 fold Kyrie
2. 9 fold Kyrie
3. Alternative Kyrie
4. Alternative Kyrie after the 10th
5. Before the Gospel
6. After the Gospel
7. Gloria
8. Sanctus
9. Agnus Dei
Individual tracks

Episcopal Hymnal 1940
1. Gloria - N/8104
2. Agnus Dei: S-164 (1) - I/9135

Kyrie - Litany of the Saints (Imray) 10 - I/9146

Please note the album cover shown is for our online album only. The CD has a different cover.

Individual Tracks album

The downloadable album Hymns and Praise Organ Accompaniments 8 includes the following 5 tracks of A New People's Mass - Dom Gregory Murray:
  1. A New People's Mass - Lord Have Mercy (Kyrie) : Dom Murray - I/9208 Amazon
  2. A New People's Mass - Glory to God (Gloria) : Dom Murray - I/9209 Amazon
  3. A New People's Mass - Holy, Holy, Holy (Sanctus) : Dom Murray - I/9210 Amazon
  4. A New People's Mass - Acclamation : Dom Murray - I/9211 Amazon
  5. A New People's Mass - Lamb of God (Agnus Dei) : Dom Murray - I/9212 Amazon

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