Hymn accompaniment CDs and MP3 downloads

The Master Set

Every single track from our library, including 2,000 hymn tune tracks, available either as:

  • MP3s on two DVDs (note these are not video DVDs, just computer discs to hold the MP3s)
  • Audio CDs

The MP3 set has a lot going for it. Compact and cost effective, it is the most flexible way to play your accompaniments. Just copy the files from the disc onto your computer, then import into iTunes or Windows Media Player. You can then either play the music direct from the computer (connected to a sound system) or download it to a portable music device like an iPod for portability. Once the files are in place you can search for an accompaniment by the name of the hymn, the tune or the number in the A&M book (hymn numbers apply to the Ultimate Collection tracks only). Another huge benefit is that you can set up a playlist for a particular service or event, putting the tracks you need on the day at your fingertips.

By default our Ultimate, Mixed and Master sets come with a 128 kbps bit rate. This makes the files significantly smaller so that we can fit the tracks on a minimum number of disks, but the quality isn’t quite as good. In our experience, most sound systems in churches are not good enough to make the distinction apparent, so 128 kbps is fine, but should you prefer a higher bit rate we can provide enhanced discs at 256 kbps at an extra charge. Please note that in the 256 kbps format, the Master Set is on 3 DVDs and takes up around 11.5 Gb on your computer/MP3 player.

If you are concerned about bit rates, you can download a set of samples at different bit rates by clicking here.

If you prefer traditional CDs we can accommodate you too with the full set of around 100 audio CDs. Because of production and shipping costs, these are considerably more expensive, but make it easy to use the accompaniments with a basic CD player.

Already got a Master Set? Check out the Upgrade Service for a cheap and easy way to get up to date.

Master set of tracks as MP3s on DVDs (128 kbs)
Master set of tracks as MP3s on DVDs (256 kbs)

Master set of audio CDs